Braun hair removal machine

About the product : Braun Silk-épil 3 Epilators (White/Purple) Product Features: The Silk-epil 3 Epilator (Silk-Epil 3) Designed for easy and gentle epilation - 20 tweezers remove hair from the roots leaving your skin smooth Silk epil 3, while the Smartlight shows even the lightest hairs, enabling you to remove them completely. The main features of the Epil 3 Silk: - Massage Rollers - The Silk-Epil 3 contains rollers that stimulate and massage the skin softly, to facilitate hair removal and increase your comfort. Twenty Tweezers System: - The Twenty Tweezers in the Silk-épil 3 gently remove hairs at the root - for long-lasting results. simple and easy

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